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about us

Redman & Company Dog Day Care is a modern dog day care and boutique dog hotel in New Buffalo, Michigan. It's where dogs come to enjoy lots of fun playtime and socialization with other dogs.

With over 4,300 square feet, we offer separate play areas for all size dogs including a large outdoor fenced area for potty breaks throughout the day. The indoor play areas have padded floors and are climate controlled to keep it warm and/or cool enough for the dogs depending on the weather. While at play, the dogs are always supervised to make sure they all play well and socialize together.  

In addition to the 24/7 onsite supervision, we also have security cameras in all the play areas and boarding rooms. We can see everything going on at all times on our monitors, as well as on our smart phone application. We also have several small cots inside the play areas for dogs who might need some down time.  In addition to the cots, we can also provide your dog some down time in our separate private boarding rooms.

Since we are a cage/kennel-free environment, your dog will never sit in a cage or kennel at any time during the day. All day play is not only great exercise, but a wonderful alternative to being in a kennel all day.

For overnight boarders we offer small private guestrooms.  We provide beds, blankets, water, and food bowls, but you are welcome to bring your dog’s bed, blanket, and even favorite toys from home if it may help them feel more comfortable during their stay. 

My family and I can’t say enough about this wonderful facility and staff. Our dog Hank was treated like one of their own. Thank you Reese for taking such good care of Hank. It’s nice knowing someone local can care for your dog like he was at home. I’m sure Hank is excited to see you again.
— Tereck Halsey (Hank's Dad), December 2016

REESE, Founder & Owner

As the founder of Redman & Company Dog Day Care, LLC, I wanted to open a business that would incorporate my passion for dogs and keep my best friend Redman at my side. I recognized the need for an attentive dog day care and dog hotel facility for New Buffalo and the surrounding communities.  

I created this environment for other people's dogs based on my standards and requirements for my Redman: an environment that feels like you are leaving your dog with your closest relative; a safe, comfortable place with lots of love, playtime, and socialization with other dogs. After all, a tired and happy dog makes for happy parents. 


NOAH, Full-Time Dog Lover

As a part of the Redman & Company Dog Day Care team, I love each dog’s unique personality. We vow to keep them safe while in our hands. Like Ashly and Reese, I have a lot of experience working with dogs and other animals, including Ace, my own dog. We love all the dogs here and treat each one as if they were our own. We hope you will entrust your dog to us here at Redman & Company Dog Day Care.


ASHLEY, Full-Time Dog Lover

At Redman & Company Dog Day Care, you can be assured that your dog(s) will be loved and cared for as well as having a blast with me and making new doggie friends. Animals have always been my passion and I will treat your dogs as if they were my own. I have years of experience at various dog day care facilities working with all types of dog breeds. We will ensure the safety of your fur baby in our safe and fun environment. Whether young or old, your dog will love coming to Redman’s for some playtime.

In addition to the core team above, Redman & Co. has a team of dedicated, dog-loving part-timers who join in and assist as needed.  But, rest assured, everyone at Redman & Company Dog Daycare is dedicated to loving and treating your dog with the same level of care and attention as they would their own dogs.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm EST
Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm  EST
Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST   NEW!!   Sunday Day Care is now available..

We will be OPEN on Labor Day Holiday.   

We will be closed to the public on major Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. 



Our Services & RATES


*Please note that our rates are subject to change for major holidays.




  • Includes all day dog play with breaks
  • Several potty breaks throughout the day
  • No extra charges for cuddle time
  • There are no extra charges for additional potty breaks or for individual attention. 



For overnight boarders we offer small private guestrooms.  We provide beds, blankets, water, and food bowls, but you are welcome to bring your dog’s bed, blanket, and even favorite toys from home if it may help them feel more comfortable during their stay. 

The  first potty break will begin around 7:00am and the last potty break around 9:30pm before bedtime. During the day, dogs will participate in the all-day dog care play areas with the other dogs. We maintain an apartment on the premises so there will always be someone in the building during the night to ensure the safety and security of all dogs.   Since there is a person on-site 24/7, just a reminder to please NOT knock on door and/or windows before and after business hours. 

  • Includes the all day dog play with breaks
  • Check out by noon
  • Daily Dog Day Care Rate applies if left for the rest of the day

   Cancelation Fee of $45 if a change of drop-off date/boarding cancellation  within 48 hours of   reservation.   If  you make a reservation and are a no show the cancellation fee also applies.



Before coming to Redman & Company for daycare or boarding, all dogs must stop by for a temperament test. Please contact us to setup an appointment for a meet and greet. We want to ensure that all dogs are non-aggressive and play well with others so that we can provide the best play and boarding environment for all dogs.  If are visiting from out of town and a meet and greet is not feasible, you can provide us with your local dog day care and/or boarding facility name and number, we'd be glad to call them to find out how your dogs temperament is with other dogs. 

Proof of required vaccinations (i.e., rabies, bordetella, and DHPPC) must be presented at the time of the temperament test or prior to your dog's first visit. 

Dogs must be neutered/spayed.





Satisfied Customers


"I have 3 large dogs that are all "Rescues". Copper is my wild child and they accepted him with open arms. He barks the moment he hears let's go see friends. Rue is the same way, so very excited. Now, Ryder has anxiety but Reese has a way of keeping him calm. I have very satisfied and tired dogs at the end of the day. I always walk away with a great satisfaction that my babies are happy and are in good hands! Boarding your dogs there is one of the best alternatives, not cages, but Suites with a glass door on front. The best part is someone is always staying on the premises with extra security for your fur babies. New Buffalo needed this and we are glad Reese, Jonah, and Ashley LOVE what they do, and it shows!!!

Tammy Stelling, Cooper, Ryder, and Rue's Mom
July 2, 2017


"This was the first time we had to kennel our dog, Zoe, so we were very nervous. It turned out awesome! Reese was GREAT!!! Redman and Co is definitely the place you want to leave your dog. Zoe came home exhausted and happy! The best part for us was the pics Reese posted on Facebook of Zoe!"

Dina Halstead, Zoe's Mom

July 3, 2017


"Hoover did a 1/2 day and an overnight stay on NYE. The facility layout is wonderful. Great attentive care. I was totally relaxed being away knowing my little guy was having fun with other pups and was safely being watch."

Bobette Rogers Larson, Hoover's Mom
January 1, 2017


"Reese was great! He showed us what our baby would be doing and where he would sleep.  Very nice facility. Our dog Cash had lots of fun. We will definitely recommend this place to all our friends. Thanks.  When we are traveling again, we will be back."

Dixie Fullerton, Cash's Mom
February 8,2017


"Bo had a blast at this new doggie day care in New Buffalo!  He's exhausted, which is usually impossible for a ridgeback puppy!"

Nicole Ottmer Saunders, Bo's Mom
January 24, 2017


"We love EVERYTHING about Redman and Co! Redman is an amazing host and Reese is the best dog whisperer ever. In addition to loving them, Jackson is partial to Ashley and Noah. He comes home happy and exhausted."

Marty Riley, Jackson's Mom

"Peaches runs to Reese when we walk thru the door each day!"

Toni Philander Morris, Peaches' Mom
February 14, 2017


"My two 10 year old English Springer Spaniels were never social with other dogs and a year ago started destroying my house.  I was at a loss and had tried EVERYTHING from trainers, mediation, psychic, more walks, etc.  Then my vet suggested Redman & Co.  Now my dogs are worn out by the time I pick them up! They are excited to go everyday. I couldn't believe that my dogs are now social-even when I walk them!! It's a life saver and a great place!!!"

Pam Markle
February 8, 2017

"Super clean, spacious indoors and out for lots of play and a great attentive staff! Love that Redman & Co is here and so does Dakota! He pulls me through the door and doesn't look back because he's so happy to be there. Thanks Reese!!"

Beth Doherty, Dakota's Mom
February 18, 2017

Love love this wonderful new doggie day care in New Buffalo.  Reese is great with the dogs and his Redman is a gentle giant. So needed

                                                                                                                               Belkis Muldoon, Nico's mom

                                                                                                                                          March 17, 2018






Interested in our services? Please get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you.


Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 6:00pm EST
Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Sun: 10:00am - 5:00pm EST

Day Care available on Saturday and Sundays during business hours.

Redman & Company Dog Day Care, LLC
219 W. Madison Avenue
New Buffalo, MI 49117
Phone: (269) 586-3748